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    Experience Latest LAB Technology
    at Thailand LAB 2015
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    Meet international Trend
    and Biopharma Industry Perspective in Asia at
    BIopharmaceutical Development and Way Forward for Investment In Asia Pacific
    10-11 September 2015
    Conference Room 107 ( Inside EH 107)
    at www.thailandlab.com
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    Enjoy your day @ Smart LAB in EH 105
    Food Day, Food & Nutrition Day and Research Day
    Limited Seats... Pre-Register Now at www.thailandlab.com
    9-11 September 2015 (10.00-1700 hrs) EH 105 & EH 107 BITEC, Bangkok
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    • Centrifuge Clinics
    • Online Analysis & NIR Technology
    • Microscope Innovation,
    • Evaporation & Separation Technologies
    • Quality Control
    • Food & Pharmaceutical Analysis
    • Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry
    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Environmental Analysis
    • etc.
    More topics and pre-registration now at www.thailand.com
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    Laboratory Safety Symposium
    By Dr. James A. Kaufman
    Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI), USA
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    • Meet Leading Suppliers and Direct Manufacturers at EH 105 and International Pavilion EH 107
    • Enjoy self-appointment business matching online at www.THAILANDLAB.com
    • Attend business partnering with CRO & CMO at
        - Bio Investment Asia
        - LIFE Science Asia
        - Search trade opportunity
        - LAB Chem Asia
        - LAB Safety Asia
    • Request price and technology comparison directly at the exhibition floor
    • Join speed business dating at Smart LAB (EH 107)
    • Make new investment from biotech / life science research and innovation at BIOTECH Outlet
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THAILAND LAB 2015 – Growth with Quality

Project: THAILAND LAB 2015 – Growth with Quality...

Introduction Laboratory’s Association “Thai-BISPA”

Introduction Laboratory’s Association “Thai-BISPA” “Introduction Laboratory’s Association “Thai-BISPA”...

Thai Society for Biotechnology provides “Biotechnology International Congress” in Thailand LAB 2015

Thai Society for Biotechnology provides “Biotechnology International Congress”...

What are the biggest challenges for the industry in the next 5 years of “Kanto Chemical Co.,Inc.”?

What are the biggest challenges for the industry...

Rev Up Your Business by attending quality conferences & Symposia in Thailand LAB 2015

Rev Up Your Business by attending quality conferences...

Laboratory Safety Symposium

Laboratory Safety Symposium   Download รายละเอียด >>>>>

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